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Astros Carlos Gomez snaps bat over his leg after strikeout

Bat, you have failed me for the last time! -- Carlos Gomez

Eric Christian Smith/Getty Images

Houston Astros center fielder Carlos Gomez is a passionate player. Passionate with his celebration and passionate in his failures. He showed that passion during Sunday Night Baseball.

Gomez missed a pitch badly for strike three with the Boston Red Sox's Henery Owens on the mound. In his frustration, Gomez snapped the bat clean in two over his thigh Bo Jackson style.

He followed that up by slamming his helmet down in the dugout and letting out some expletives. Even in a moment of anger, that is impressive and insane that Gomez was able to snap a bat over his leg.

Gomez, 30, has struggled mightily this season for the Astros. He currently batting .197 (12x61) with zero home runs, one RBI, and two stolen bases. Gomez has seven been slide down the lineup behind rookie Tyler White.

The frustration at the plate has clearly boiled over for Gomez.