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Watch: Colby Rasmus lift the Astros with a grand slam

The Bill Brown call, the tomahawk swing, the long glance, and the bat flip from Colby Rasmus were all glorious during Colby Rasmus' home run.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Houston Astros haven't looked like the 2015 team that made the playoffs for the first time -- at least on the scoreboard. The team has continued to hit an abundance of home runs without putting Houston in the win column.

That changed on Saturday.

Colby Rasmus got all of a Clay Buchholz's fastball and blasted it to the right of the Astros bullpen. The home run ignited the crowd and scored four runs as Jose Altuve, George Springer, and Carlos Correa were on base when Rasmus hit the home run in the fifth inning.

The grand slam held the Astros stop their four-game slide and win 8-3 on Saturday.

The details to not be forgot are Rasmus' slow trot out of the box, the bat flip, and the violent water slap from Marwin Gonzalez in the dugout at the end of the video.

Life is better in AstroLand when there is Colby Jack.