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Astros Carlos Correa makes a spectacular over-the-shoulder catch

How did he even see the ball at that angle?

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Houston Astros had a rough night in Arlington on Tuesday. Even Carlos Correa had an error in the game, but Correa made up for in the seventh inning.

Astros reliever Chris Devenski faced Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor with two out in the seventh. In a 0-1 count, Odor fisted a changeup over second base.

The Astros infield was shifted hard to the right for Odor. Correa raced back from his spot just to the right of second base. On a dead sprint with his head facing the centerfield, Correa looked up for the ball. He found, tucked his glove under it and slide to the ground all in one motion.

No doubt that the late Astros hall of fame broadcast Milo Hamilton would have put a "blue star" in his scorebook for that.

How exactly did Correa see the ball when he looked back?