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Astros' Carlos Gomez guns down Ian Kinsler with 97 mph throw

Love'em or hate'em Carlos Gomez has a cannon.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Houston Astros needed every bit of pitching and defense on Friday against the Detriot Tigers. The Astros behind eight-inning of work from Dallas Keuchel won 1-0.

The Tigers were attempting to jump on Keuchel early in the first inning. Ian Kinsler singled to open the game and attempted to go first to third on a Miguel Cabrera single to right-center.  Carlos Gomez fielded the ball and fired to third base.

MLB StatCast recorded Gomez's throw at 96.8 MPH and the throw traveled distance of 171.7 feet. The throw beat Kinsler by three full steps.

The play changed the outlook of the game. In one moment, the top of half of the first inning went from first and third with one out to one on and two out.

Gomez is for sure a polarizing figure but you can't argue that the man has some fantastic baseball tools.