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Ken Giles homer to Salvador Perez the latest blunder for the young flame-thrower

100 mile an hour Giles not having the easiest of times in Houston.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The third home run allowed by Ken Giles this season was not only more than he allowed all of last season, but also a big reason the Astros fell to the Royals by four runs to two.

The latest homer was a two-run blast by Salvador Perez that untied the game and earned him a loss.

To Giles' credit, his slider against the first two batters he faced in the inning were very good, with a lot of good movement.

But after losing Alex Gordon on a walk, all it took was one mistake slider up in the zone to Salvador Perez for all his good work to be lost.

It's still very early in the season for Giles, but it is a starting to become a little more troubling. After the Astros made the trade for him in the off-season, it seemed like the closing job would just be handed to him. Instead, he had a bad showing in Spring Training, allowing a 6.75 ERA in a little over nine innings of work.

The Astros chose to give the job to last season's closer, veteran Luke Gregerson. Since that announcement, Giles has had only one good outing and the other three appearances he's allowed a home run, to the tune of a 12.27 ERA.

Going back through his game logs with the Phillies, Giles has never had this kind of struggles to start the season. In the two years with the Phillies, he had two years of sub-two ERAs, this season at least early on it's proving much more challenging for the 100 mile-an-hour Giles.