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The Astros, Texans and Panthers just became best friends

Major league team interaction is the reason that twitter was created.

Sports teams have made Twitter a great source of information and fun as proved by the Houston Astros, Houston Texans, and Carolina Panthers on Tuesday.

The action started following the Astros' 8-2 win over the Kansas City Royals on Monday. Astros center fielder Carlos Gomez wore a Panthers helmet to do his interviews -- following the lead of George Springer who has been wearing a Texans helmet to his interview this season.

When asked why is wearing a Panthers helmet, Gomez said, "This is my favorite team and my favorite player, Cam Newton." Gomez then proceeded to "dab" a few times to replicate the move Newton and the Panthers popularized during their run to the Super Bowl last season.

Of course, the brash but lovable Carlos Gomez's favorite player is the brash but lovable Cam Newton.

Gomez also said Newton was the best player in the NFL, not the Texans' J.J. Watt. (We'll let it slide this one time, it was a moment of passion.)

The Panthers noticed the helmet and twitter greatness ensued:

Then the Texans stepped in. Wondering if their baseball bae was straying:

There was a bit of tension in the room after the Panthers beat the Texans 24-17 last season.

But the problem was solved with bunk beds.

And the graphics departments rejoiced:

Bravo Astros, Texans, and Panthers. You win the internet today. Lance McCullers agrees: