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Astros' Collin McHugh tosses 7 strong innings against the Royals

McHugh back to his old self at home.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros starter Collin McHugh had a forgettable first start of the season. He lasted only a third of an inning on the road against the New York Yankees on April 6 -- allowing six runs (five earned) on three hits and two walks.

That wouldn't be the case with McHugh in the home-opener, he was back to his old form.

McHugh came out and proved that while his last start was awful it was not the norm, as Houston won 8-2 over the Royals.

"I was focused on getting through that first inning today," Collin McHugh said, "Once we got through that it was kinda just go after them the rest of the game."

McHugh made quick work of the Royals in the first inning with a 1-2-3 inning, it was only the third time he had done that in his past ten starts.

McHugh was able to give the Astros seven strong innings in total and while allowing eight hits, he did not give up any runs.

It outing wasn't without some bumps in the road. In the seventh inning with the Astros up by seven, the Royals were able to load the bases with one out. McHugh was able to regroup and get Mike Moustakas and Lorenzo Cain out to end the threat.

"I knew that was my last inning," McHugh said of his jam in the in the seventh, "(You) just got to go out there and give everything you got whatever you got in the tank -- got to leave it on the field.

"I made some good pitches and we were fortunate to get out of that with no runs"

McHugh credited his curveball in helping him have such a strong night.

"It's probably the best one I had since the beginning of the spring," McHugh said of his breaking pitch, "(It had) a little bite to it, little more finish to the pitch.

"I think using that and going back between the four seem fastball and curveballs really helped keep their hitters off balance."

McHugh only had four on Monday night, but he did not allow many of the Royals batters to square up a pitch in the game. All in all, a successful start for McHugh to build upon.