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Astros' Jose Altuve attempts hidden ball trick

Watch out for Jose Altuve, he's got tricks in his back pocket.

How quickly friends can become enemies on the baseball diamond... Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve proved that Sunday against the Milwaukee Brewers after former teammate Chris Carter hit a double.

Carter chugged into second after ripping a ball down the line, at the same time Altuve caught the throw in from left field. Altuve tucked the ball into his back pocket and walked past Carter, he pulled the ball back out and threw it to the pitcher shortly after.

What is it a true hidden ball trick attempt? Maybe. What is really just a deadpan attempt to get a former teammate to laugh? Probably. It's funny either way.

You have to wonder what was running through Carter's mind at that moment?

Altuve still has awhile to go before gets up to Astros prospect Tyler Heineman's level. Heineman showed an expert level in slight of hand earlier this year.