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Series Thoughts: Astros in Milwaukee

Tyler White picks up where he left off in New York, plus other takeaways from the Brewers series

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The Astros lose another series on the road. This time falling to the Brewers. The pitching got a little bit better, but the offense was a little hit or miss (no pun intended).

The Astros now come home to Minute Maid Park to start a seven-game homestand. Houston hopes to get back on track with some home cooking.

Below are three takeaways from the Brewers series:

The great white

While Tyler White was not able to get a hit in the final game of the series. He did draw a walk and has been on base in every game this season. Against the Brewers White went 4 for 9 with 2 home runs and 5 RBI's.

"(I'm) Just trying to see good pitches in the zone and make quality swings on those pitches," Tyler White told Root Sports after the win in game two, "just have quality at-bats up there and when guys get on base, just trying to put good swings on it and get the job done."

Base running blunders

A handful of times the Astros had some mix-ups on the base paths. The blunders kept the team from putting innings together and scoring runs.

Carlos Gomez had a bunt single and after an overthrow to first base, rather than taking second, he pushed for three bases. He failed. Gomez also made his move to steal a bag during the series too early and was caught in a run down.

Just take two bro... Don't be greedy. #Astros

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Colby Rasmus was called out on a double play thanks to the new Chase Utley rule.

And in the finale, the Astros were caught stealing three times.


Chris Carter, Domingo Santana, and Jonathan Villar are fine players. That said, I don't think the Astros will mind not seeing them again. The Astros had a hard time against the Brewers' pitching, but the ex-Stros did a number on the Astros pitching.

Carter brought the power with a home run and two doubles. Santana had a two doubles. Villar had a few hits and played pretty decent in the field at shortstop.

It's nice to see these players do well, but it is a punch to the gut seeing them do it against the Astros.