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Astros Carlos Gomez puts Jose Altuve in his pocket

The Houston Astros have found many ways to prove one definitive fact: Jose Altuve is short.

The Houston Astros have one final exhibition game before the start of the 2016 season. Apparently it was no better time to prove one fact, Jose Altuve is short. Very short. The Astros Snapchat account posted a video centerfielder Carlos Gomez and Altuve putting on each other pants:

The pants switch, of course, had hilarious results. Gomez, in Altuve pants, looks like a professional cyclist or a swimmer. Altuve, in Gomez pants, looks like he put on his dad's pants.

Altuve, standing at 5'5", has already been the butt of jokes related to his height during Spring Training. Astros outfielder Jake Marsinick posted 'Altuve' sign over a short urinal.

This is also the second appearance of Gomez dabbing this week after he ruffled the feathers of baseball old guard with a dab at home plate following a home run.

This all seems light-hearted but at some point, Altuve is going to get back at all Astros for the short jokes. I wouldn't want to be around the locker room on that day.