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TCB Reader Spring Game Recap Throwdown Challenge

CALLING ALL TCB READERS. Here is your invitation to contribute to your favorite website!

This is a challenge.  The gauntlet had been thrown down.

We have a lot of great and engaging readers here at The Crawfish Boxes, and this is your invitation to participate in what we're all about here.

Do you listen to or watch Spring Training games?  Do you offer pithy comments in the message board?  Why not take the next step?

We, the staff, challenge all comers to write Spring Training Game Recaps and post them as a Fan Post (see the right-side Fan Post bar on the TCB home page).  The best (read: most complete, most amusing, most creative, most bizarre) will get pasted to the home page for the remainder of the day.  We want to read what you have to say.


Multiple Game Recap submissions by you will put your name into consideration for permanent addition to the TCB game preview/thread/recap staff for the regular season!

If you had any clue how much fun we have behind-the-scenes, you should be all over this.

Don't forget - cover the action.  Check your grammar and spelling.  Make it fun, creative, or weird.  Make it you.


The Management