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Astros' Jake Marisnick pokes fun at Jose Altuve's height with a urinal

How many Altuves tall is that urinal?

Today, we learned that Houston Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick is no longer a rookie. He feels no fear of taking a light-hearted jab at a three-time all-star, a gold glove, two-time silver slugger winner, and batting champion Jose Altuve on twitter.

Marisnick, 6', 4'', tweeted out a picture Tuesday of a children's urinal with "Altuve" tapped over it -- referencing Jose Altuve's 5',5" stature.

Altuve's height has always been a point of focus since he broke into the league in 2011. So much so that even had his own measurement created with For the record, Marisnick is 1.17 Altuve tall.

Such is life in "Club Astros", everyone can make jokes with each other -- I guess. But still that is a cold-blooded joke especially to put on social media. The question then becomes how will Altuve get Marisnick back?