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Dab on em Carlos Gomez: Astros outfielder enrages old-timer with home run celebration

Carlos Gomez will never stop 'feeling sexy' and breaking unwritten rules.

The Houston Astros hit five home runs in a 12-9 win over the Atlanta Braves on Monday night. Home runs bring out the Crush City side of the Astros with bat flips and now dabs.

Carlos Gomez rocketed a second inning home run off former Astros prospect Mike Foltynewicz. Gomez casually flipped his  bat and raced around the bases as the ball cleared the left-center fence. He punctuated his home run with a dab as he crossed home plate.

No question that Brian McCann would have come unglued on Gomez. Gomez do nothing wrong except break the unwritten rules of 'act like you've been there before.' Gomez hit home run, enjoyed it and celebrated towards his teammates not the opponent.

Of course, the old guard will always try to take away a player's shine. Former Reds all-star, former The Best Damn Sports Show Period commentator, television and radio personality Rob Dibble brought the hottest of hot takes:

Gomez had the best response:

Keep feeling sexy Carlos Gomez. Keep dabbing on'em.