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Astros game halted by apocalyptic weather

Those clouds look like a whole lot of nope.

The Houston Astros have been the standard for not having to deal weather factors with the Astrodome and Minute Maid Park (expect for that one time and that other time).

That isn't the case at Spring Training as the Astros are playing in series of open air stadium.

It is no surprise that a game in Florida in spring time would get delayed but I don't think would anyone would expect to see a massive wall of ominous clouds descend on Champion Field in Kissimmee on Friday in the seventh inning.

Everything looked normal to start the game:

The Astros radio crew saw the rain coming in:

Then this happened as captured by the excellent twitter follow Jennifer Aldeman:

WHAT IS THAT? IS THE END NIGH? WHAT HAVE DONE TO WRONG YOU ZEUS? Is the aliens from Independence Day like Houston Chronicle's Evan Drellich pointed out?:

The players ran from the field like it was an alien invasion:

Or maybe it was the ghost riders in the sky from Blue Brothers 2000 (Yes, I know it's a deep cut.):

Either way, the teams were justified in calling a game that doesn't matter a 1-1 tie.