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Houston Astros: A team of ninjas

"I'm standing in a dugout full of ninjas."

Spring Training can be a weird place. A place where Major League players and prospects can be on the same field. A place where sideline reporters get tested early. A place where prospects hit an inside-the-park home run off an all-star. It is also the place where you find a dugout full of ninjas as we found out on Tuesday with the Houston Astros.

Astros starter Scott Feldman was being interviewed by Root Sports Southwest reporter Julia Morales when four masked Astros ninjas appeared on Tuesday.

The video raises many more questions: Who came up with the ninja idea? Are the four ninjas members of the Foot Clan? The Hand? Arashikage? Are they doing a remake of 3 Ninjas called '4 Ninjas'?

At about the 2:30 mark, the ninjas emerge from the shadows, unphased by Feldman's subtle attempts deter presence of the ninjas.  The only strange this they allowed Feldman to reveal their identities. Feldman revealed Jake Marisnick, Collin McHugh, Lance McCullers, and Dallas Keuchel as the ninjas.

This interview should have ended with Feldman disappearing into a cloud of smoke with the ninjas.