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The Crawfish Boxes Sign "Once in a Generation" Writing Talent

Typing straight fire like Bun B spits rhymes
Typing straight fire like Bun B spits rhymes
Bob Levey/Getty Images

HOUSTON – The Crawfish Boxes, the popular Houston Astros SB Nation blog, is pleased to announce the signing of uber writing prospect Joshua White, also known as f22a4bandit.

White recently proved that his keyboard truly is mightier than the sword during the grueling drafting process held by TCB to recruit top talent. After several game recaps, the TCB front office decided to pull the trigger and draft White with their first round selection.

"I’m honored to join the team at TCB. I’m ready to be the best teammate I can be," said White via satellite phone while yachting the Mediterranean.

David Coleman, owner of TCB, was seen shaking hands with the rest of the front office upon White’s selection.

"You don’t get many opportunities to grab a talent like Josh very often. I’m just glad we were in a position to draft him," remarked Coleman while enjoying an Espada by Montecristo.

However, one key TCB writer, speaking anonymously, was skeptical that the move wasn’t made in anticipation of a trade.

"We draft this new young buck outta nowhere, and I think management has it in their mind to trade one of their other writers to the Texas Rangers blog," said the writer. The TCB front office declined to comment on the potential trade situation.

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