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Photo Gallery: Astros celebrate St. Patrick's Day with green jerseys

The Houston Astros look sharp in green.

St. Patrick's day was celebrated on Thursday across the globe. The event was marked with men, women and children wearing green. In the past Major League Baseball teams have wore green jerseys and hats sporadically.

This season MLB created a default template for jerseys and hats to wear. Most teams including the Astros wore green hats and jerseys. Other had a white jersey with green accents (for example the Washington Nationals).

The hats and jersey each had the extra detail of a three-leaf clover. The clover appeared with a shoulder patch and an imprinted design on the hat.

The Astros players players Carlos Correa and Preston Tucker both wore green cleats to match their uniforms. Correa and Tucker each hit a home run in the Astros 7-5 win over the Toronto Blue Jays. So it must have been the shoes.

Do you think that Major League Baseball should have more specialty uniforms during the regular season? Or should this stay in Spring Training?