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Astros A.J. Reed: Cracker Barrel puzzle solver

We know now that A.J. Reed is a genius. It says so right on the peg game.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros top prospect A.J. Reed is a man of many talents. He won the golden spikes at Kentucky while pitching and playing first base in 2014. In 2015, he batted .340 (17x523) with 34 home runs.

Now teammate Joe Musgrove's shows he has another skill, genius puzzle solver.

If you've been to or lived in the south, you have probably been to a Cracker Barrel. And over every Cracker Barrel table is a small game to remind on how dumb you. A small block of triangle wood filled with goal tees.

The goal is jump the tees until you have one left. Most times, you'll have two or three left. As the game tells you:

  • "Leave only one -- You're Genius"
  • "Leave two and you're purty Smart"
  • Leave three and you're just plain dumb
  • Leave four or mor'n you're just plain "Eg-no-ra-moose"
So add more more tool to A.J. Reed's growing number of skills.

Have you ever played the game? How did you do?