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Astros outfielders do their best impression of NFL Films

Sign'em up for the Texans.

Baseball season is just around the corner. Football's time and place won't come till the fall, but that didn't stop Houston Astros outfielder George Springer, Colby Rasmus and Jake Marisnick from doing their best impression of NFL Films while at Spring Training in Kissimmee.

Springer at quarterback, hits Rasmus on the fade to the warning track. Rasmus shock off the coverage of Marisnick to make space for the catch. Maybe the hometown Houston Texans could use them? The Texans on Wednesday spent a large chunk of money on new quarterback Brock Osweiler and running back Lamar Miller.

I'm sure the Texans could use them depth at the skill positions. Clearly they have the skills. Speaking of that, hats off to the MLB/Astros staffer that put this film together.

Former TCB writer and high school football coach Irish Pete weighs in on the tape:

Colby needs to work on his releases. Pretty bad false step there.

Also, George may need to get the ball pushed closer to his ear before starting his motion. It will help him get to zero easier and get the ball out faster. Also, he needs to tuck that front arm instead of extending out straight. Overall, not bad... With a little work, I could see Springer being a strong armed QB who can hurt you with his legs ala Colin Kaepernick.

What did you think of Springer, Rasmus, and Marciniak's form? Are they ready for primetime or should they stick to their day jobs?