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TCB Top 30: The 2014 Draft Class

Subber10 looks at the 2014 draft class and how they fared in the TCB top thirty.

Tim Deblock

It's impossible to discuss the 2014 draft without mentioning the loss of the first overall pick in Brady Aiken. Yes that turned into Alex Bregman, but it didn't help the actual 2014 draft. As a result, the Astros signed mostly college level players with less upside.

That doesn't mean there wasn't talent. It's just that the talent isn't as obvious. Higher floors. Talents with plus tools but significant flaws in other areas.

From the 2014 draft:

#1 A.J. Reed--B+ (Drafted in 2nd round)

#10. Derek Fisher--B- (Drafted in Supplemental Round)

#14. J.D. Davis--C+ (Drafted in 3rd Round)

#23. Jamie Ritchie--C+ (Drafted in 13th Round)

Can't really argue that these guys don't deserve to be on this list and deserve more than anyone else in the class as they were the highest three signed. But, you do skip a lot of draftees going from the 3rd to the 13th to get to Ritchie. But, he's earned it. He's reportedly doing well defensively but he's actually been very good offensively. He's posted OBP's over .400 in every stop which is very impressive. He doesn't carry a lot of pop but who cares with an OBP like that from a catcher.

There's a handful of other players from this draft that have performed much better than expected considering their lack of big names. Yet, they haven't really forced their name into the conversation for being a top thirty. The pitcher's are lacking in the scouting area and makes you question just how good they'll be at higher levels. Names in that category are Brock Dykxhoorn, Keegan Yuhl, and Ryan Thompson. And then there's Dean Deetz who has electric stuff but has struggled in areas which has held him back to an extent.