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TCB Top 30: Pitching Depth

Despite the trades and graduations, the top thirty list continues to contain lots of pitching talent.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Without giving away too much about how we ranking the Astros top thirty prospects, I want to look at the make up of the list some. Due to recent trades right before the trade deadline and even this off-season, the Astros depth supposedly took a hit. Yet, early lists continue to hold the Astros system in very high regard.

That is mostly due to the amount of depth the Astros system has and the ability for the Astros have have five top 100 picks in the 2015 draft. The system had to absorb losses of Carlos Correa, Lance McCullers, Vincent Velasquez, Mark Appel, Thomas Eshelman, Josh Hader, Jacob Nottingham, Daniel Mengden, Domingo Santana, Brett Phillips, and Harold Arauz.  Those were all likely to be top thirty prospects this year had they not graduated or been traded. That's a third of the top prospects.

This big area was pitching. Seven of those previously listed were pitchers. However, nine of our new top thirty are also pitchers.

It's not like they are bad pitchers either.

They include names like Francis Martes, Joseph Musgrove, and Michael Feliz. Further down you have David Paulino who could easily push into the top ten next year if he's not already on some lists.

Then you have newly acquired Brendan McCurry who is not a starting pitcher but was filthy during a dominant campaign as a reliever in 2014.

Add in Aaron West and Kyle Smith who have had their injuries but have also shown promise. Then there's Trent Thornton in all of his funkiness.

It comes together with an interesting blend of pitchers our top thirty. Lots of upside. Lots of versatility. And lots of probability of producing major leaguers.