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Astros Hawt Take Corner: LHH Love

What three players do I want to get starts this year who are not full time players yet... Tucker, Reed and Moran, who I hope make it to the team this year and get the majority of starts. Also W is back?

Preston, don't do a shoryuken, I know the catcher is wearing red but it's not Ken.
Preston, don't do a shoryuken, I know the catcher is wearing red but it's not Ken.
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

1.  Who do you want to get significant playing time this year that is not getting it?

It's really getting harder to say this every year because we are just getting really good, I say 2 this year, because I actually like Valbuena at 3B, I would like to see what Moran can do early this year in AAA.  But Tucker and possibly Reed is who I would really like to see get major playing time this year.  Realistically I just want Tucker at the least to get the at bats.  Every year in the minors he struggles the first month or two then really turns it on,

2.  Wandy will rise again?

Will he rise up to take the 5th spot to give us 2 LHP in the rotation or possibly the long man?  I am a little sad that Kazmir is not back because I think he was a good compliment to our team, giving us a different look in the rotation from the LH side.  He was more power than Keuchel but what I found odd was that he was trying to emulate Kazmir in some of his pitches which is where I think it got him in trouble.  Now emulating Keuchel is never a bad thing but stick to your strong points, which I thought was his FB and Slider but felt that he starting trying to use the curve more than his slider.

Back to Wandy, he is alot like Keuchel stuff wise, maybe not the mentality and control but very close.  I think he unlike Kazmir would benefit great from completely emulating Keuchel.

*** This has been a Hawt Take Edition, all opinions are solely based off casual glances at game this season while trying to avoid food hitting me while feeding the children or playing hide the remote control so the tv does not switch to the Power Rangers.***