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Astros Crawfish Boil: February 12, 2016

Is it baseball season yet?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Astros News

The Astros Are in a Sweet Spot | FanGraphs Baseball
Daily baseball statistical analysis and commentary.

Texas Rangers: Baseball America gives Top 10 'talent rankings' to Rangers, Astros minor leagues; Mariners, Angels at the bottom of MLB | SportsDay
Spring training inches closer and closer for every Major League Baseball team, along with the opportunities for many young players to prove...

Astros' minor league managers will join club in major league camp - Houston Chronicle
All four of the Astros' full-season minor league managers are to be in major league camp this year on invitation from the top skipper, A.J. Hinch.

Astros pitcher pitches in to save animals set to be euthanized |
Astros pitcher Lance McCullers will spend Saturday at the Mutts, Meows & McCullers event to benefit Houston Pets Alive!

MLB News

The Angels will never, ever, ever, ever, ever trade Mike Trout -
Even though the Angels desperately need help for their farm, a sensible Mike Trout deal will never exist.

The Orioles want all the leftover free agents -
Thursday's Say Hey, Baseball includes the Orioles' sudden urge to sign free agents, Mookie Betts' breakout, and Keith Law's prospect rankings.

MLB.TV lawsuit settlement means cheaper Extra Innings, MLB.TV packages -
Earlier this year, Major League Baseball reached a settlement in a lawsuit over the restrictions of MLB.TV and MLB Extra Innings. Rather than go to trial, MLB offered up terms that the certified...

The Rays Way: Varying individual pitch speeds - DRaysBay
The Rays pitchers expand their arsenal by turning one pitch into multiple versions.