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Houston Astros News: December 29, 2016

Your one-stop shop for Houston Astros and news from around the league for Thursday, December 29, 2016.

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Houston Astros News

Heyman: In Strange Market, After Encarnacion, Dozen Sluggers Remain
If not for the A's' surprise late involvement in the Edwin Encarnacion sweepstakes, people close to the situation say the Encarnacion...

Every MLB team's best highlight of 2016. | Sports on Earth
While the Chicago Cubs were the only team that truly got what they wanted in 2016, every other team had at least one memorable moment of the year. So with that, let's look back at the best 2016 highlight for every Major League team.

MLB News

If Jose Bautista is considering a 1-year deal, where’s his best fit? -
Teams should line up if Jose Bautista will take a one-year deal, and here’s who should want him the most.

Northwestern RB ran for 200 yards and got to see a urinal where Derek Jeter used to pee -
What a thrill.