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A sample of Astros new play-by-play broadcaster Todd Kalas

Two innings of Todd Kalas broadcasting as Rays game in 2013.

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Kalas is the new face and, more importantly, voice of the Houston Astros television broadcast. Kalas spent nearly 20 years with the Rays broadcast, spending much of that time as a part of the pre/postgame broadcasts, but he did get a chance to do play-by-play from time to time.

The Rays-Giants game on Aug. 4, 2013, was an example of such a time that Kalas stepped into the broadcast booth to call two innings. Let’s take a listen:

Initial thoughts:

  • The Voice: Obviously Kalas’ voice is a signature, coming from the line of Harry Kalas — arguably one of the most unique voice in baseball history. But Todd’s voice flirts between attention-getting and dulcet tone to keep fans engaged. His elevated voice isn’t too crazy so that's a positive.
  • Cadence: Much like Bill Brown, Kalas appears to have a good pace with the game. He doesn’t appear to take over the broadcast.
  • Natural: There is a big difference between a two-inning sample and 162 games, but its Kalas doesn’t seem to play to the home crowd too much — which can get old quick over an entire season.

But more importantly, what do ya’ll think? Leave a comment after watching the broadcast.