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The Ground Control Podcast Extra No. 2: The Eighth Wonder of the World

Robert C. Trumpbour and Kenneth Womack talk with TCB about their new Astrodome book.

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The Ground Control Podcast Extra No. 2

Host: Ryan Dunsmore
Special Guests

Robert C. Trumpbour — an associate professor of communications at Pennsylvania State University, Altoona.

Kenneth Womack — the dean of the Wayne D. McMurray School of Humanities and Social Sciences and a professor of English at Monmouth University.

Topic for Today's Show

  • We discuss Trumpbour and Womack’s book “The Eighth Wonder of the World: The Life of Houston's Iconic Astrodome”
  • What made the Astrodome special and national icon?
  • What are the interesting stories around the Astrodome?
  • Why should we preserve the Astrodome?

Robert and Kenneth will be in Houston to discuss their book on Dec. 8 at the Architecture Center of Houston, for more information please check the AIA Houston website.

The book can be purchased on Amazon here.

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