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Doug Fister in an Astros uniform

Looking good, Doug, looking good.

The news of the Houston Astros signing dropped at out of nowhere. The Astros and general manager Jeff Luhnow annouced the deal and held the press conference in just a matter of hours. Of course, the Astros had a jersey for Fister to wear over his suit and tie.

But, what would Doug Fister look like in his full Astros uniform, wonder no longer:

Fister is wearing No. 58 again as he did with the Seattle Mariners, Detroit Tigers, and Washington Nationals. When the Nationals traded for Jonathan Papelbon during the 2015 season, Fister switched to 33.

Jake Buchanan is the last player to wear the No. 58 in his brief stretches with the Astros in 2014 and 2015. Buchanan is still on the Astros' Triple A roster but was designated for assignment on Sept. 1, 2015 -- he was later outrighted to Triple A.