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Astros introduce new alternate rainbow uniform

The rainbow is back on the baseball field in 2016.

As part of the Astros FanFest on Saturday at Minute Maid Park, the team present for a new alternate jersey. Astros broadcast Robert Ford and team historian Mike Acosta presented a history of the Astros uniform and the thought process behind the Astros new uniform.

The new uniform is a combination of the Astros home jersey style and the batting practice jersey for the past three seasons. The base is a blue jersey with orange letters and white piping. The side panels are the Astros rainbow pattern the 70's and 80's pattern and not the most recent batting practice jersey pattern.

There is also a new hat. The crown is the same as the orange alternate hat but this edition has a blue brim.

The team will wear this uniform on Sunday at home and it will be an option on the road as well if the team chooses so like the orange uniform.