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David Eckstein: Astros-killer and the password for Cardinals hack?

Released transcripts show that the password that Chris Correa used to hack Astros' Ground Control was based of a player's name.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Most people who are sports fans tend to use their favorite team or player as a basis for their computer password. It appears that same idea may have been the avenue that Chris Correa used to gain unauthorized access to the Astros internal system, Ground Control.

Unsealed federal documents revealed that Correa may have used a password that was made up of a former Cardinals player and the numbers '123', as first reported by Houston Chronicle's Evan Drellich.

As notated by assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Chu on Jan. 8 when Correa was in Houston to plead guilty to hacking the Astros internal system in Federal court:

The password of a high-ranking Astros executive that Chris Correa used to access Astros' systems was based on the name of a player "who was scrawny and who would not have been thought of to succeed in the major leagues, but through effort and determination he succeeded anyway," assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Chu.

So Correa and Jeff Luhnow both worked for the Cardinals. Luhnow and anyone that joined the Astros from St. Louis worked with the Cardinals at point during 2003 to 2011. Who is the most scrawny, scrappy, and determined player during that?

It's David Eckstein.

Astros-killer and overall pest of a player, David Eckstein.

David Eckstein, who hit a single with two outs and two strikes in game five of the 2005 NLCS.

That David Eckstein.

Eckstein is cut from the same cloth as Jose Altuve at 5 foot-6 -- hustling all the time on the field. He played 10 season in the major leagues, winning two world series -- including winning the 2006 World Series MVP.

Eckstein batted .303 (67x221) with 15 doubles and 14 RBIs in his career against the Houston Astros.

Even Eckstein knows it's him.

Correa is scheduled to be sentenced on April, 11.