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Carlos Correa's Instagram Reminds Everyone That He's The Best

Is there anything he's not good at?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa had a pretty nice 2015. He didn't even need the first two months of the season to lead all American League shortstops in home runs and win AL Rookie of the Year honors. Then he threw his own little coming out party in a performance for the ages in Game 4 of the ALDS that was marred by an Astros implosion in the eighth inning and consequently a series loss to the eventual champion, Kansas City Royals.

Nevertheless, Correa is already a star at age 21 (he's not turning 22 until late September of this season) both on and off the diamond. The Puerto Rico native was never much for social media throughout his ascension to the big leagues, but since arriving in Houston, Correa is now a budding star on both Twitter and Instagram. Carlos tends to play it pretty safe on Twitter, with plenty of upbeat tweets and exclamation marks, but Instagram provides a whole different story with the 21-year-old, who has the personality to back up his already all-star caliber talents.

He never stops working out

Fun warmup Where ya at @floydmayweather (@champagnepapi voice) lol #NotBadForABaseballPlayer #BigBoxingFan #JustForFun

A video posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

Correa is better suited for the diamond than the ring, but damn he sure does move well with the gloves on. With that kind of reach, I don't think any one on the Astros roster could take Carlos in the ring.

Think sharp, dream big, work hard, and believe in the process. #thatviewtho #amomiisla #puertorico

A video posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

Good luck moving that quickness off shortstop.

At the Hard Work Boulevard

A video posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

I can't tell you how many pounds is on that bar that Carlos is squatting. I can confirm, however, that it is a lot of pounds. Like more pounds than the TCB staff could do combined (although I've heard Brooks can throw some weight around).

Where I spend my #christmaseve⚾️ #fortheloveofthegame

A photo posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

What were you doing on Christmas Eve? Probably eating dozens of cookies and watching college football. What you should have been doing was putting work in, like Carlos Correa. Because he's the best.

His shoe game is incredible

1of1 Correa Superstars @astrosbaseball #teamcorrea

A photo posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

I don't know if Carlos has a deal with Adidas, but he certainly seems to enjoy the three stripes.

Christmas presents #yeezyseason

A photo posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

Entrevista con @primerahora en la casa✌ ️ Interview at the House✌ ️#Yeezyseason

A photo posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

And it's pretty much always Yeezy season in Carlos' world.

He and his teammates are still hanging out

Thanks @lindor12bc and George Springer for the support #carloscorreagolfinvitational

A photo posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

Here's a picture of George Springer, a guy who won AL Rookie of the Year and a guy who didn't win AL Rookie of the Year.

Newly Weds and of course @lancemccullers43 's dad photobombing it

A photo posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

Carlos and a really good pitcher that wasn't traded this offseason which is awesome.

And he still hits bombs

Hitting bombs with a @cristiano jersey... Why not? ⚾️⚽️ #CR7 #CC1 @astrosbaseball @realmadrid

A video posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

If you're not following @teamcjcorrea on Instagram, go be a real Astros fan and do so.

He'll show you how to rock a fedora and look cool at the same time.

Finally got to meet my favorite boxer growing up Felix "Tito" Trinidad

A photo posted by Carlos Correa (@teamcjcorrea) on

(Note: You probably won't look as good as Carlos in a fedora.)

Go Astros, and thank you for drafting Carlos Correa.