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Astros release game times for 2016 season


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Astros and teams across Major League Baseball released the gametime for the 2016 season on Tuesday. There was nothing overly surprising but its just one more step toward the start of the season.

Here are a few facts from the 2016 Houston Astros schedule:

  • The Astros open the 2016 in New York against the Yankees on Monday, April 4 on ESPN
  • The Astros will play eight games on national television (Two games on ESPN, three games on Fox, and three games on FS1)
  • The Astros will start 15 game after 9 p.m. central time -- five games against the Mariners, five games games against the Angels, and five games against the Athletics #AstrosAfterDark
  • The Astros will start 12 games before 1 p.m. ct -- including two games before noon ( Aug. 24 at the PIttsburgh Pirates at 11:35 a.m. and Sept. 8 at the Cleveland Indians at 11:10 a.m.)
  • Houston will play a home-and-home two game series with the Arizona Diamondbacks -- at Arizona on May 30-31 and in Houston in June 1-2.
  • The Astros will play 16 day games during the week (Monday-Friday) including seven back-to-back travel games.
Here is the entire list of game:
Date Opponent Time Broadcast
Mon, 4/4 at Yankees 12:05p ESPN, MLB.TV
Wed, 4/6 at Yankees 6:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 4/7 at Yankees 3:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 4/8 at Brewers 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 4/9 at Brewers 6:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 4/10 at Brewers 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 4/11 Royals 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 4/12 Royals 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 4/13 Royals 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 4/14 Royals 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 4/15 Tigers 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 4/16 Tigers 6:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 4/17 Tigers 1:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 4/19 at Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 4/20 at Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 4/21 at Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 4/22 Red Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 4/23 Red Sox 3:05p FS1, MLB.TV
Sun, 4/24 Red Sox 7:05p ESPN, MLB.TV
Mon, 4/25 at Mariners 9:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 4/26 at Mariners 9:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 4/27 at Mariners 9:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 4/29 at Athletics 9:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 4/30 at Athletics 3:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 5/1 at Athletics 3:05p MLB.TV
Mon, 5/2 Twins 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 5/3 Twins 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 5/4 Twins 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 5/5 Mariners 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 5/6 Mariners 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 5/7 Mariners 6:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 5/8 Mariners 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 5/9 Indians 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 5/10 Indians 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 5/11 Indians 1:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 5/12 at Red Sox 6:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 5/13 at Red Sox 6:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 5/14 at Red Sox 12:05p FS1, MLB.TV
Sun, 5/15 at Red Sox 12:35p MLB.TV
Tue, 5/17 at White Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 5/18 at White Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 5/19 at White Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 5/20 Rangers 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 5/21 Rangers 6:15p FOX, MLB.TV
Sun, 5/22 Rangers 1:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 5/24 Orioles 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 5/25 Orioles 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 5/26 Orioles 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 5/27 at Angels 9:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 5/28 at Angels 9:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 5/29 at Angels 2:35p MLB.TV
Mon, 5/30 at D-backs 3:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 5/31 at D-backs 2:40p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/1 D-backs 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 6/2 D-backs 1:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 6/3 Athletics 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 6/4 Athletics 3:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 6/5 Athletics 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 6/6 at Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 6/7 at Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/8 at Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Thu, 6/9 at Rangers 1:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 6/10 at Rays 6:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 6/11 at Rays 3:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 6/12 at Rays 12:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 6/14 at Cardinals 7:15p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/15 at Cardinals 6:15p MLB.TV
Fri, 6/17 Reds 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 6/18 Reds 3:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 6/19 Reds 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 6/20 Angels 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 6/21 Angels 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/22 Angels 1:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 6/24 at Royals 7:15p MLB.TV
Sat, 6/25 at Royals 6:15p FOX, MLB.TV
Sun, 6/26 at Royals 1:15p MLB.TV
Mon, 6/27 at Angels 9:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 6/28 at Angels 9:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 6/29 at Angels 2:35p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/1 White Sox 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/2 White Sox 3:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 7/3 White Sox 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 7/4 Mariners 1:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 7/5 Mariners 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 7/6 Mariners 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 7/7 Athletics 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/8 Athletics 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/9 Athletics 3:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 7/10 Athletics 1:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/15 at Mariners 9:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/16 at Mariners 3:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 7/17 at Mariners 3:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 7/18 at Athletics 9:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 7/19 at Athletics 9:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 7/20 at Athletics 2:35p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/22 Angels 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/23 Angels 6:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 7/24 Angels 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 7/25 Yankees 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 7/26 Yankees 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 7/27 Yankees 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 7/29 at Tigers 6:08p MLB.TV
Sat, 7/30 at Tigers 6:08p MLB.TV
Sun, 7/31 at Tigers 12:08p MLB.TV
Mon, 8/1 Blue Jays 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/2 Blue Jays 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/3 Blue Jays 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 8/4 Blue Jays 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 8/5 Rangers 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 8/6 Rangers 6:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 8/7 Rangers 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 8/8 at Twins 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/9 at Twins 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/10 at Twins 7:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 8/11 at Twins 12:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 8/12 at Blue Jays 6:07p MLB.TV
Sat, 8/13 at Blue Jays 12:07p MLB.TV
Sun, 8/14 at Blue Jays 12:07p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/16 Cardinals 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/17 Cardinals 1:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 8/18 at Orioles 6:05p MLB.TV
Fri, 8/19 at Orioles 6:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 8/20 at Orioles 6:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 8/21 at Orioles 12:35p MLB.TV
Mon, 8/22 at Pirates 6:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/23 at Pirates 6:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/24 at Pirates 11:35a MLB.TV
Fri, 8/26 Rays 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 8/27 Rays 6:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 8/28 Rays 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 8/29 Athletics 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 8/30 Athletics 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 8/31 Athletics 1:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 9/2 at Rangers 7:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 9/3 at Rangers 3:05p FS1, MLB.TV
Sun, 9/4 at Rangers 2:05p MLB.TV
Mon, 9/5 at Indians 6:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 9/6 at Indians 6:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 9/7 at Indians 6:10p MLB.TV
Thu, 9/8 at Indians 11:10a MLB.TV
Fri, 9/9 Cubs 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 9/10 Cubs 12:05p FOX, MLB.TV
Sun, 9/11 Cubs 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 9/12 Rangers 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 9/13 Rangers 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 9/14 Rangers 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 9/16 at Mariners 9:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 9/17 at Mariners 8:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 9/18 at Mariners 3:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 9/19 at Athletics 9:05p MLB.TV
Tue, 9/20 at Athletics 9:05p MLB.TV
Wed, 9/21 at Athletics 2:35p MLB.TV
Thu, 9/22 Angels 7:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 9/23 Angels 7:10p MLB.TV
Sat, 9/24 Angels 6:10p MLB.TV
Sun, 9/25 Angels 1:10p MLB.TV
Mon, 9/26 Mariners 7:10p MLB.TV
Tue, 9/27 Mariners 7:10p MLB.TV
Wed, 9/28 Mariners 1:10p MLB.TV
Fri, 9/30 at Angels 9:05p MLB.TV
Sat, 10/1 at Angels 8:05p MLB.TV
Sun, 10/2 at Angels 2:05p MLB.TV