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Lance McCullers' training as a Houstonian is complete

A reference to Mike Jones was the final test.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Maybe I've watching too much Star Wars for the past two month. Somewhere Bun B is telling Astros pitcher Lance McCullers, "No more training do you require. Already know you, that which you need."

McCullers reached full Houstonian status today on Twitter:

McCullers, born and raised in the Tampa area, referenced Houston rapper Mike Jones' hit 'Back Then' when asked to give out George Springer's phone number.

The specific lyric is:

2 8 1, 3 3 0, 8 0 0 4

Hit Mike Jones up on the low 'cause Mike Jones about to blow

Jones one of many rappers from the Houston area that hit it big on the national stage in mid 2000's including Bun B, Chamillionaire (who had a Astros world series song in 2005), D.J. Screw, Lil Flip, Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Z-Ro, and UGK. Many of the songs from the era are still played today on Houston-area radio stations.

McCullers has quickly become a fan-favorite with a steller rookie season -- posting a 6-7 record with a 3.22 ERA, 129 strikeouts, and a 1.19 WHIP  in 22 games. This should only help endear himself to Houston fans.