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2016 Astros MLB Draft

How much do the Astros need to save to avoid penalties?

The Astros went over slot for Forrest Whitley. How can they avoid penalties for it?

Forrest Whitley signs with Astros

Astros locked up their high-school first-round pick.

Luhnow 'cautiously optimistic' about signing Whitley

The Astros are only missing Whitley in the top of their draft pick signings.

Astros sign 5 additional 2016 MLB Draft picks

The Houston Astros have signed 19 of their 40 picks.

Astros make another round of draft signings

The Astros make another wave of signings including second round pick Ronnie Dawson.

Astros announce 6 draft picks signings

The Astros officially announce a handful of draft pick signings and few other appear to already be in the fold.

Astros reach an agreement with 4th round pick Adcock

The Astros have signed six of their top 10 draft picks.

2016 Astros draft class College World Series guide

The team with Astros draft picks are playing the College World Series.

Astros make a round of draft signings including Dawson

The Astros sign their second round pick.

Astros 2016 Draft pick results tracker

Keeping track of all the newest Astros from the 2016 draft class.

2016 MLB Draft: Day Three Open Thread

The final day of the 2016 MLB Draft: Rounds 11-40

Astros select RHP Dustin Hunt in the 10th Round

The Astros end Day Two of the draft with a tall right-handed starter out of the Colonial Athletic Association, who dominated in the Cape Cod League.

Astros Draft LHP Ryan Hartman in the 9th Round

A LHP with great results against low level competition

Astros Select UofH RHP Nick Hernandez in the 8th

The Astros took a pitcher with complete dominated his conference as a closer with great numbers.

Astros Select Ok. St. RHP Tyler Buffett in 7th

A bulldog mentality that has served as a closer but could use his four-pitch mix to start.

Astros select Georgia outfielder Wrenn in 6th round

Did the Astros just draft Jake Marisnick 2.0?

Astros select SSC IF Abraham Toro-Hernandez in 5th round

This guy is pretty versatile.

Astros select Michigan pitcher Adcock in 4th round

The Astros got to the Big Ten in two of their first four picks.

Astros select Tulane catcher Jake Rogers

Rogers has some serious catching skills.

2016 MLB Draft: Day Two Open Thread

Draft day is here!

2016 MLB Draft: Do the Astros rank among the winners, or the losers, of day one?

Reviewing the first day of the draft.

2016 MLB Draft: Astros Day One Summary

The Astros have gone after some raw talent on the first day and could be a signal of comfort in the depth of the system.

2016 MLB Draft: Astros Reach for Dawson

A reach that may not end up being a reach at all because of skills and raw tools.

Astros select Ronnie Dawson with No. 61 pick

Astros head to the big ten with their second pick of the 2016 Draft.

2016 MLB Draft: Astros Find Upside at 17

The Astros leaned toward a pitcher with some upside and have shown a tendency for that.

Astros select Forrest Whitley with No. 17 pick

The Astros only had to go to San Antonio to find the No. 17 pick.

2016 MLB Draft: Day One Open Thread

Draft day is here!

Mayo projects Astros to select Dakota Hudson

Could the Astros select a Mississippi State Bulldog?

Law, BA & project Astros to select Cody Sedlock with No. 17 pick

There is one clear projection going into the 2016 Draft for the Astros.

Draft Time, TV, live stream, draft order & Astros picks

It's draft time again and the Astros aren't drafting in top five this year.

2016 MLB Draft: Astros Building Depth-LHP

A look at some potential LHP that the Astros may be tempted to select in the 2016 MLB draft.

2016 MLB Draft: Pick No. 17 Over the Years

The MLB draft kicks off tomorrow, so let’s take a look back at the history of the 17th pick to get a better idea of what the Astros can expect to be waiting for them when they go on the clock.