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Astros release 2016 schedule

Astros open on the road in 2016.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros released their 2016 schedule today, and the first the of note -- the Astros will open the season on the road for the first time since 2011. Houston opens the 2016 season in New York against the Yankees.

The 2016 home opener will be on April 11 against the Kansas City Royals.

Houston will play against their old rivals, the N.L. Central this season, facing the Cincinnati Reds (June 17-19), Chicago Cubs (Sept. 9-11) and St. Louis Cardinals (Aug. 16-17) at Minute Maid Park for the first time since 2013.

Houston will play its final 19 games against the American League West.

The Astros welcome the Boston Red Sox to Houston on April 22-24, Yankees on July 25-27 and Toronto Blue Jays on August 1-4 to Houston.

Houston will have a road trip no longer than seven games and have a 10-game home stand in May and July.

The Astros will be at home on July 4 against the Mariners.

Here is the entire schedule for your viewing pleasure: