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Watch Jed Lowrie's go-ahead grand slam

The Jed-i strikes back.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

Things weren't looking good for the Astros in Sunday's game against the Twins. The Astros had squandered multiple runners in scoring position previously in the game when Jed Lowrie stepped to the plate with the bases loaded.

The count at 2-1, Trevor May threw a 86-mph changeup to Lowrie. Lowrie clubbed the high and tight pitch into the rightfield bleacher. Lowrie immediately had his mouth agape with joy, he knew he had gotten all of the pitch. The crowd was deafening as Lowrie round the bases. The Astros veteran third base showed a youthful joy as he high-fived his teammates. A joy normally reserved the likes of George Springer or Jose Altuve. It was great to see someone enjoy playing baseball as much as Lowrie was in that moment.

If this is what to come for the remaining season and possibly for the playoffs, it's going to be a fun ride.