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A look at the Astros' playoff scenarios

If you are a visual learner, here ya go.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Last year we made a chart for Jose Altuve and Victor Martinez fighting for the batting title. This year the Astros have created an opportunity for a much more fun chart -- Astros playoff scenarios.

The Astros play two more series, six games, against the Mariners and Diamondbacks. The Rangers play three games against Detroit and four games against the Angels. The Angels play three games against the Athletics and four against the Rangers. Not to be forgotten the Twins play four games against the Indians and three against the Royals to finish the season.

AL West

The Rangers (84-71) hold a two and half game lead over the Astros (82-74). Here is the chart for playoff chances as division champions. Houston has to make up a three game margin. If the teams tie they will play against on Monday, Oct. in Arlington.

Wild Card

The final wild card spot is up for grabs between the Astros, Angels, and Twins. If Houston wins out. the best the Angels can do is tie. If the Astros drop two games or more, the Angels can in the Wild Card. If the Astros and Angels both drop more than two games the Twins can win the Wild Card.

If the Astros and Angels, tie they play in Houston on Oct. 5, and if the Astros and Twins tie they play Oct. 5 in Minnesota. If all three teams....we'll get there when we get there.