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Astros rookies go through end-of-season hazing

Yes, including Carlos Correa.

Preston Tucker dressed up as Bam Bam.
Preston Tucker dressed up as Bam Bam.

As the Astros head on their final road trip, an annual tradition continues. The annual hazing of the rookies commenced. Like in years past, the players dressed in costumes not meant for  baseball players at the physical peek. The costumes made some scene playing off nicknames and others making no sense whatsoever. But either way it was worth a laugh.

Preston "Bam Bam" Tucker dressed up as nick-namesake.

Carlos Correa wasn't Captain America, but Wonder Woman.

Lance McCullers, donorer of the Batman cleats, wore a Batgirl costume.

Then a few more that made very little sense...

The best of all was Matt Duffy as the Giant's Matt Duffy.