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Fan kisses Evan Gattis bobblehead, Gattis hits home run. Coincidence?

Is this some Disney stuff?

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

It was Evan Gattis bobblehead night. Of course with any bobblehead day, the broadcast included shots of fans playing with their bobblehead everytime the player was at bat. One fan took a step further kissing her bobblehead moments before Evan Gattis hit a go-head home run.

Coincidence? Disney wake a sleeping princess thing? I don't know but it something to behold.

Gattis again proved when he squares up a pitch, it goes a long way. It was the hit Astros desperately needed, Houston's identity is based around the home run. Numerous times during Saturday's game the Astros looked like the same team that lost five straight games. But Gattis broke through with the three-run home run -- as result Houston won 10-6 over the Athletics.