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Statcast breaks down Carlos Correa's leaping catch

Science agrees Carlos Correa is great.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Carlos Correa is awesome. He showed it again on Saturday as he ranged far into left field to snag a lazy line drive from Jake Smolinski that appeared destined to find a hole in front of Preston Tucker. Correa overran the ball but jumped and adjusted back for ball. Every Time you think that you've seen everything from Carlos Correa, he finds a new way to amaze us.

Statcast showed Correa reaching a max speed of 16.4 miles per hour, covering a distance of 52.9 feet, with a 91.4 percent route efficiency. If use the max speed (Yes, I realize we wasn't at 100% of the time), Correa covered 52.9 feet in 2.2 second. It must be the shoes, cleary.