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Astros to honor Milo Hamilton with jersey patch

The Houston Astros honor their long-time radio broadcaster Milo Hamilton after his passing.

Shortly after the passing of Milo Hamilton Thursday, the Astros stated the team would be wearing a patch to honor his memory for the remainder of the season. Today, the team tweeted out the first picture of said patch.

The patch is black circle with white "MH" letters on it, placed on the right breast of the Astros jersey.

I admit I'm a tad bit disappointed that it doesn't include a blue star to reflect one of Milo's most popular idioms. But, it's a classic respectful way to remember someone that was part of the Astros history.

The Astros will have a pregame ceremony before tonight's game against the Athletics to honor Milo Hamilton. Additionally the Astros will make a special announcement regarding additional plans to honor Hamilton’s memory.

Funeral arrangements for Hamilton have not yet been finalized at this time.