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TCB Blue Stars of the Week: Sept 9-15

This week the pitching was meh, the hitting was meh, but the defense was outstanding.

The originator of the Blue Star, Milo Hamilton, passed away yesterday.  He was the inspiration for this post each week.  Well, him and the awesome defense the team seems to put out each week.  Nothing much has gone well for the team recently, but the Blue Stars were all over the place.  In fact after a parsed all the videos on I had eighteen total.  Then I noticed a pattern in the videos.  As a man who knows what his audience wants, here is a Very Special Episode of Blue Stars.  Don't forget to vote in the poll!

Correa Starts A Slick Double Play - v. LAA 9/11/2015

Carlos Correa makes a stop on a tough looping liner and makes a great throw to Jose Altuve at second to start a double play.  It was a slow developing play, but Albert Pujols running at the speed of smell made it a little easier.  In fact it looks like Altuve is just going to eat the ball after the first out until he realizes who is running.

Correa Triple Threat - v. LAA 9/12/2015

MLB was nice enough to package all three slick Carlos Correa plays into one convenient video.  Two nice plays on grounders, and a long run on a pop-up in short left field.  I guess they save server space this way.

Correa Smooth Backhand - v. TEX 9/14/2015

Once again Carlos Correa amazes everyone by catching a ball that at full speed seems to be already past him.  He then gets up and throws out Choo for what I can only guess was his only time to not reach base in the series.

Correa (and others) Throw Out Runner At Home - v.TEX 9/14/2015

Jake Marisnick fields a double by Odor and makes a strong throw to Carlos Correa, who in turn makes a strong throw to Hank Conger to nail Napoli trying to score...uhh..from first base?  Are you sure?  Yep...from first.  Bonus points to Conger making a nice jump to tag the runner.

Correa & Altuve Turn Nice Double Play - v. TEX 9/15/2015

Altuve makes a nice snag on the grounder and flips to Carlos Correa, who makes a nice turn for the double play even though in Super Mo you can see that Odor goes out of his way to slide into him.  The only way this play could have been better is if Correa had given out a retaliatory wedgie.  But Correa is a nice guy.

Correa Backhand and Jump Throw - v. TEX 9/15/2015

Carlos Correa makes a running backhand catch and has plenty of arm strength to make a jump throw to first to nail Andrus in a late & close situation.

Correa Bobbles The Ball Just To Make It Fair - v. TEX 9/16/2015

Stick around this video for the Super Mo.  You can see Carlos Correa has the ball bounce off his glove.  He then snags it out of mid air and throws out Andrus.  I bet Andrus really hates Carlos Correa.


Astros Owner Shows His Fielding Skills - v. TEX 9/15/2015

Astros owner Jim Crane shows why he was so interested in acquiring Carlos Correa in the draft...he loves guys who can field a baseball.  Although if I would have been him I would have autographed the ball before giving it to that Rangers fan.  "For saving your life, you are welcome.  Also for the free baseball.  Love, Jim Crane"