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Evan Gattis hits home run with one hand

Evan Gattis has no need for a second had on the bat.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Last night sucked. It really sucked. But, there was one highlight from the night. Evan Gattis went full 'Oso Blanco' mode, knocking a Andrew Faulkner pitch with one hand after the other slipped off the bat mid-pitch.

I could only wish to have a swing that powerful and violent. To have your bottom hand come off the bat and still get it out, crazy. The one handed follow through was great too.

Clearly the baseball gods smiled on Gattis and gave him the extra power be cause he switched to the high socks. That said they ignored the Astros in every other part of the game.

Gattis' season totals now reads .240 (124x516) with 17 doubles, nine triples, 24 home runs, 79 RBIs, .448 slugging, and .726 OPS.

Gattis and the Astros are back in action against the Rangers at 7:05 pm ct tonight to complete their four-game series.