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Video: Astros unbelievable ninth-inning comeback

Down the their final out, the Astros weren't done.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

Down three runs and down to their final out, the Astros were to the point of no return. Even the most child-like belief of a comeback would be fleeting for the struggling Astros. But Houston came back -- winning 5-3 over the Angels.

Houston got the first run quick, as Preston Tucker launched a ball to Disneyland. George Springer followed with a triple to right field. I assumed everyone was holding their breath as Springer rounded second -- you would never want make the third out at third in the ninth.

Altuve singled home Springer, and Carlos Correa got the break the Astros were looking for. As Correa hit the ball so hard it stuck in Taylor Featherston's glove. Featherston wasn't able to make the throw for third out.

Jed Lowrie stepped into the box and smacked a pitch just inside the right field foul pole. Kole Calhoun had a chance at the ball, but fell down after hitting the wall.

To recap, the Astros got a homerun, a triple, an RBI single, a ball stuck in the glove, and a pinch home run that was only 338 feet long. Houston was down to it's final strike three times in the inning. Amazing. Now watch here.