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Astros on the wrong end of a reviewed call

Apparently it was too close to call.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

The Astros and Angels are in the heat of a pennant race. Every run, every pitch, and every play matters.

Case in point, Kole Calhoun flipped a 3-2 fastball into short left field, scoring Carlos Perez easily. Colby Rasmus fielded the ball and threw home to get Taylor Featherston attempting to score a third run for the Angels.

Rasmus has a cannon for an arm, and he gave Hank Conger a chance to tag Featherston out. The tag was applied, and Featherston was called safe.

Here is the play:

You could watch this play a thousand times at full speed and waffle on the outcome. Looking at stills from the play it appears Conger tagged him out.

That's the problem with reviews in baseball, there are many bang-bang plays that it results in calls like this. This isn't a call at first where an umpire can get the sound of the ball hitting the glove and the foot hitting the bag to gauge the play. That is as close as play you'll ever see at the plate.

Conger places the tag, but Featherston's jersey doesn't ruffle till after he crosses the plate -- thus there isn't enough to overturn the call.

It's tough to have the Astros come out on the wrong end of call, but it's another day and another game to play.