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Monday's Three Astros Things

Talking about Craig Biggio, Jonah Keri, and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I'm sure everyone saw this, but no reason to not watch it again...Panda gonna crush.

1. Biggio talks about his career and the Hall of Fame

For the many things that The Players' Tribune is, players see it as an outlet to let out their voice. Craig Biggio joined that group of players opened up to The Players' Tribune, Biggio talked after being inducted to the Hall of Fame. He expanded about about his career, the World Series, and the Hall of Fame. One of the best quotes was:

"Would I give it all back -- the Hall, the All-Star appearances, the Gold Gloves, the Silver Sluggers -- to have won that World Series ring? Heck yeah."

It's worth read - click here.

2. Keri talks Gomez trade, Astros

One of my favorite baseball writers and podcasters is Jonah Keri. Any time he takes the time to talk about the Astros, it's a must read for me. This weekend, he wrote about the major move the Astros made to get Carlos Gomez. He goes further in to explaining why the move improves the astros -- read it here.

3. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is back. Before you roll your eyes, ALS is hasn't gone anywhere. So Dallas Keuchel accepted the Dodgers' challenge, while challenging J.J. Watt, James Harden, and the Nationals. It's a great video. Maybe it's time to start the TCB challenge again. Donate to ALS here.