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Astros Crawfish Boil: August 25, 2015

News and notes from Monday.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Astros News: 

Dallas Keuchel, Astros discuss contract extension - Ultimate Astros
If Dallas Keuchel can follow in the footsteps of the game’s premier southpaw just along the dotted line alone, Astros fans could have reason to be thrilled for a long time.

Houston Astros bullpen strong without big names Ken Rosenthal | FOX Sports
Think about if the Houston Astros had signed Andrew Miller last offseason. Or if they had traded for Aroldis Chapman or Craig Kimbrel in July. Think about how good their bullpen would be then. Actually, don't bother.

The Houston Astros have brought Clutch City back in a big way -
Monday's Say Hey, Baseball looks at the Astros clutching their way to a possible divisional title, Jose Reyes wanting to join a contender and an unlikely country that could be building a baseball powerhouse.

Astros fans are eating up winning season - Houston Chronicle
In October, when he ordered paper plates and cups and napkins and estimated what food he'd need for 2015, he didn't expect to see packed houses this late in the season.

Astros giving everyone reasons to believe - Houston Chronicle
You reach a point where you just let go.

Mike Fiers' no-hitter shows Astros not driven solely by stats Ken Rosenthal notebook | FOX Sports
If the Astros are as data-driven as most in the industry believe, why the heck did they allow Mike Fiers to throw 134 pitches in his no-hitter on Friday night?

Astros mascot Orbit has better dance moves than you -
The guards were having none of it.

Astros don't think Lowrie's thumb contusion will be a significant setback | FOX Sports
Jed Lowrie left Sunday's game with an injury, but the team is hopeful it won't cost him much time.

Astros report: Rehabbing Springer takes batting practice - Houston Chronicle
NEW YORK - George Springer took on-field batting practice for the first time Monday since he suffered a fractured right wrist on July 1 and it went well.

MLB news: 

An illustrated United States history lesson about the bat flip -
Learn what they didn't tell you in American history class.

Did the Red Sox break Pablo Sandoval? - Beyond the Box Score
Pablo Sandoval was one of the most coveted players of the 2015 offseason, but he seems to have left his bat in San Francisco.