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Mike Fiers dripping in powder and juice, laid back after no-hitter


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Astros have had many things to celebrate this season and they have found many creative way to show the exuberance during post-game interviews. The post game interview after Mike Fiers' no-hitter was no different. If anything it got stranger.

Carlos Correa hit Fiers with shower of baby powder. Dallas Keuchel washed him off with two full bottles of lemonade. Fiers took a few breaths and finished an emotional interview.

Mike Fiers pitched the 11th no-hitter in Astros Franchise record. It was Fiers' first win as Astros, his first career complete game, and he reached a new career high in pitches for a start (134). This is the fifth no-hitter during the 2015 season, Fiers joins the Giants' Chris Heston (June 9), Nationals' Max Scherzer (June 20), Cole Hamels (July 25), and Hisashi iwakuma (Aug. 12).