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Super Astros Crawfish Boil: August 2, 2015

Astros news and notes from the past week.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning boys and girls,  here is your Sunday reading material.

How the Astros turned themselves into winners at the trade deadline -
Saturday morning's baseball includes how the Astros turned themselves into a playoff contender, the flurry of trades that changed baseball's landscape and the reactions to the deadline's deals.

The best things about having a successful Houston Astros team - Houston Chronicle
Being a Houston Astros fan of any age is pretty great right now to say the least.

Trade deadline deals means Astros going for it all | FOX Sports
MLB Trade deadline deals for Scott Kazmir, Carlos Gomez and Mike Fiers means the Astros aren't standing by anymore, they going for it all now.

Luhnow satisfied with deadline deals, although he also sought bullpen depth - Ultimate Astros
The Astros made a run at two of the top closers on the market, Aroldis Chapman of the Reds and Craig Kimbrel of the Padres on Friday, but neither pitcher was dealt and the Astros made no moves as the non-waiver trading deadline passed at 3 p.m. CT.

Astros-Diamondbacks series marks the development of A.J. Hinch as a manager - Ultimate Astros
Although he is a front-runner for the AL Manager of the Year, A.J. Hinch declined to outline how he’s better as manager of the Astros than he was during his brief tenure with the Diamondbacks.

The addition of Mike Fiers expands the pitching rotation for the Houston Astros - Ultimate Astros
The Astros will flirt with a version of a six-man rotation once righthander Mike Fiers reports and is slotted into the rotation, but A.J. Hinch will make special consideration to what fits best for Dallas Keuchel, Scott Kazmir and Scott Feldman.

Astros players welcoming Carlos Gomez to an already unique clubhouse atmosphere - Ultimate Astros
Clubhouse chemistry, the intangible that’s sometimes mocked but clearly exists even if its exact creation or value is hard to explain, is a concern for players around the trade deadline.