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TCB Astros Hitter of the Week: August 12-18

From breaking up perfect games to walk off homers Marwin does it all

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The Astros as a team did much better this week, going 4-2 in the six games, including a series win over the Tigers.  They were outscored 21-20 as a byproduct of 3 really close wins and one blowout loss.  Here are the choices for the top performers at the plate this week in a celebration of small sample sizes.

Honorable Mention

Colby Rasmus

Rasmus did not have the best week as far as average goes, as he only hit .158 with a .200 OBP.  He was incredibly efficient though.  Every time he got a hit, it left the park.  He went 3-for-19 with three home runs and three RBIs.  His BABIP was .000, so there is obviously some room for regression.

The highlight of his week was the Sunday game against the Tigers where he clubbed two balls into the right field stands for his first multi-homer game of the season.  (The lowlight was probably last night, but we don't have to talk about that here so we won't...)

Jose Altuve

Altuve brought his average up to its highest point since mid-May (.307) by going 11-for-27 on the week.  Every one of them was a single, but none of them were more important than the one Sunday.  With Detroit coming back to tie the game at five apiece late, Altuve took the first pitch from the new relief pitcher and lined in into the gap in left center to drive home the winning run.  This not only won him the admiration of many adoring Astros fans, but also a nice form tackle from Carlos Correa.

As I mentioned last week, Altuve may not be the prototypical leadoff man, but for the second straight week he got on base over forty percent of the time, and this is without the benefit of many walks.  (Actually just one walk).


Marwin Gonzalez

I personally have been saying this all year, but I see others coming around also.  Marwin is one of the most valuable members of this team.  He can play just about anywhere and hit in any spot in the lineup.  That flexibility is awesome to have on a roster, especially one that has playoff hopes.  But on to this week...

Gonzalez hit an even .500 for the week, with a 1.462 OPS while playing three different positions and pinch hitting.  He drove in five runs, and none was bigger than last night.  Mar-WIN drove a ball deep to right in the bottom of the tenth inning for the second Astros walkoff of the week.  The calls for him to become the everyday first baseman were swift.  I have wondered how he might do playing all the time.  In looking at the (obviously small sample) numbers for August where he has played almost every game he has a slash line of .308/.357/.538, so that may be a new option for A.J. Hinch.