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Breakdown of Carlos Correa's tackle on Jose Altuve

Football is about to start, Carlos Correa is clearly ready.

Bob Levey/Getty Images

The Astros rightfully rule the roost in the Houston sports world. They are currently in first place in the American West by 3.5 games over the Los Angeles Angels. But, the Texans preseason just got start and that got me thinking about Carlos Correa's tackle on Jose Altuve on Sunday. So, I asked a couple friends of mine over at Battle Red Blog, Brett Kollmann and BFD) to break down the tackle:

First here is the video:

Brett Kollmann

Wow, he did the patented J.J. Watt crocodile death roll and everything. It's not a bad tackle in space, to be honest. He hit with the shoulder, wrapped up the back leg, and let gravity do the work for him. I still want to see him keep that head up to avoid concussions in the future, but he's got a bright future as a Will linebacker if he keeps this up.


I disagree entirely, Brett. He was tentative hitting the ball carrier, didn't square up Altuve, and Correa didn't really finish the tackle with the zeal I'd expect from a professional athlete. Correa's poor tackling technique reminds me of Morlon Greenwood circa 2008. Clearly, Correa needs to avoid football altogether and stick only to baseball.

Either way Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa should have their day in the sun until the possible playoff run is over. The Texans can wait a bit longer to all of Houston's eyeballs. If you want to read more about the Texans, go read Battle Red Blog.